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Top 20 free tropical prints for your summer decor

Top 20 free tropical poster for summer decoration
Top 20 free tropical poster for summer decoration

It’s hot outside and we are in the middle of summer. Everyone is posting beach photos on the social media and you…you’re expecting and have to decorate a nursery.

free leaf tropical poster

Still, you feel the summer vibes and want to recreate the whole summer feel in your living room or bedroom.

 For those of you, who are in love with the sun, waves and tropical sensations, we’ve got the ultimate collection of nursery prints! Exotic, green, leafy and so easy to mix and match, they are perfect for a living room, bedroom or a nursery decoration.

Free tropical nursery poster

The exotic theme doesn’t always mean bold and vibrant colors. Sometimes, earthy pastels or neutrals are enough to do the trick. They evoke tranquility and peace.

Free summer tropical posters

When we talk about nursery décor, we need to remind you that you’ll have to decide- gender defined a room or not. The best news here is that, if go for a tropical nursery it matches so refreshingly well with both blue and pink tones. So whatever you choose, it’ll just complement the green fresh theme.

Free tropical leaf poster

Nevertheless, if you love girly rooms, go for creamy, golden, white colors. They stand amazingly cool with all sorts of green undertones.

Dark tropical poster

Boys can enjoy green and blue hues combined with some intense wooden textures. If you combine these with palm tree prints and a decorative surfing board, you’ll get the ultimate boyish décor!

Free Dark tropical poster

Tropical prints, provide more than natural vibe indoors. They look sophisticated in combination with faux fur textures, colorful rugs, and wood.

Free tropical poster will and free

The other cool advantage of tropical prints is, you can add them in any way you like. As an accent wall wallpaper, prints in frames, drawings on the wall, framed pictures…whatever way, you find it most satisfying.

free tropical poster pink

Have in mind, that your newborn is going to spend quite a lot of time lying in its crib, exploring and looking around. It’s totally worth choosing a natural or floral wall print!

Download “Tropical poster 1” free-tropical-poster-1.png – Downloaded 886 times – 14.57 MB

Download “Tropical poster 2” free-tropical-poster-2.png – Downloaded 864 times – 11.76 MB

Download “Tropical poster 3” free-tropical-poster-3.png – Downloaded 620 times – 7.00 MB

Download “Tropical poster 4” free-tropical-poster-4-1.png – Downloaded 574 times – 5.98 MB

Download “Tropical poster 5” free-tropical-poster-5.png – Downloaded 536 times – 5.46 MB

Download “Tropical poster 6” free-tropical-poster-6.png – Downloaded 644 times – 6.35 MB

Download “Tropical poster 7” free-tropical-poster-7.png – Downloaded 1167 times – 9.56 MB

Download “Tropical poster 8” free-tropical-poster-8.png – Downloaded 421 times – 1.20 MB

Download “Tropical poster 8” free-tropical-poster-9.png – Downloaded 453 times – 6.57 MB

Download “Tropical postre 10” free-tropical-poster-10.png – Downloaded 472 times – 2.97 MB

Download “Tropical poster 11” free-tropical-poster-11.png – Downloaded 492 times – 8.40 MB

Download “Tropical poster 12” free-tropical-poster-12.png – Downloaded 677 times – 7.41 MB

Download “Tropical poster 13” free-tropical-poster-13.png – Downloaded 600 times – 6.80 MB

Download “Tropical poster 14” free-tropical-poster-14.png – Downloaded 834 times – 3.86 MB

Download “Tropical poster 15” free-tropical-poster-15.png – Downloaded 615 times – 6.94 MB

Download “Tropical poster 16” free-tropical-poster-16.png – Downloaded 611 times – 6.88 MB

Download “Tropical poster 17” free-tropical-poster-17.png – Downloaded 588 times – 5.75 MB

Download “Tropical poster 18” free-tropical-poster-18.png – Downloaded 426 times – 570.11 KB

Download “Tropical poster 19” free-tropical-poster-19.png – Downloaded 526 times – 4.55 MB

Download “Tropical poster 20” free-tropical-poster-20.png – Downloaded 738 times – 7.71 MB


I recommend using white, letter-sized, 250 – 300gsm weight (thickness) cardstock for home printers. You may also take the file to your neighborhood print shop, or the online printer of your choice. Have it professionally printed on quality paper or even on canvas, whatever works best for you! Some suggestions: Staples, OfficeMax, Walmart, Walgreens,,,,


  • Size: The A3 size print measures 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches
  • You are permitted to use this file for personal use only. You are not allowed to use this file for any commercial purposes. You can use the file for personal use only. Selling the printed product, the file or uploading the file to any other website including but not limited is forbidden. You cannot use anything on our site for commercial purposes.
  • if you have any question please contact us.

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